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We have started a Facebook page for Catholic Artists. A bit of an experiment, this was set up as a Facebook page with many editors.  This way many Catholic Artists in the core group can post their works of art and projects in process.  We will also share events that others and each other are promoting. Please go to the link above and Like the page to receive updates.

Also, if you have been following the Catholic Artists Conference (and subsequent cancellation), we are working on a new venue at a new time with better stability.  Stay tuned!



Architecture for Liturgy I

16-20 January 2017,

Spiritual Life Center,

Bel Aire (Wichita), Kansas 67226

The presenter, Fr. Daniel McCarthy, OSB, SLD, is a monk of St Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison, Kansas. In 2008 he earned a Doctorate in Sacred Liturgy (SLD) studying church architecture at the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy at Sant’Anselmo, Rome, where he now teaches. Fr. Daniel Speaks as a liturgist about liturgy to architects and artists desiring to submit a commission to a Bishop for building or renovating a church or producing a commissioned work of art.

Other programs feature architects who speak about liturgy. Fr. Daniel is a trained liturgist who speaks about liturgy to architects and artists.


Dear Artists,

The cancellation of the Catholic Artists Conference haunts me.  This is something I feel is needed very strongly and I don't want to quit.  Many of you have emailed me directly and as a group to inquire about the possibilities of something in the future.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

I do think there is a market for regional Catholic artists retreats and perhaps a national Catholic artists conference.  In attempting the Catholic Artists Conference I found out several important facts: (1) Catholic Artists are hard to find but come from all over the country, (2) Catholic artists are passionate about what they do (3) Catholic artists want to meet with other Catholic artists, (4) Price is important but not a deal breaker for the right event, (5) prayer is a central theme, (6) a workshop/retreat is a favorite format, (7) there are many amateur artists who want to learn from professional artists, and (8) artists can be their own anchor event.

I've started a FB page for Catholic Artists.  I decided to use a page rather than a group to make it easier for new people to find the page.  With a page we can share our work for others to find when searching for Catholic Artists.  More than one editor is allowed.  I already had 595 likes from promotional posts under the old Fall 2016 Catholic Arts Conference page and I will try to recover what I can from that work.  When we do have a local, regional or national event planned, it will be easier to find through a page rather than a group.

I'm so sorry the Catholic Artists Conference was cancelled. It was my fault for connecting it to a large painting exhibit that I couldn't afford. Fund raising is hard to do. In hindsight, future events have to be independently self supportive.  That is not that hard to do, and by breaking them down into regional workshop/retreats the transportation expenses are easier for artists to manage.  The fee for the speaker(s) need to be shared by the artists attending.  There are upfront costs to establishing a workshop/retreat and even more for a conference.  Some financial backing is needed for those up front costs but should come back to the sponsor if done right (this is key to the organizer and introduces risk).

Your suggestions are greatly welcome.  Blessed Fra Angelico pray for us.



St. Benedict Center in Schuyler, Nebraska
St. Benedict Center in Schuyler, Nebraska

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the cancellation of the Catholic Artists Conference. I was not able to raise enough funds to bring a collection of paintings from Europe which was the anchor to the conference.  I should have realized that this anchor could have, and did in fact pull down the boat.  I am sorry to those who are disappointed about this.  All who have registered will receive their payments back in full.

I think there is great need for a Catholic Artists Conference.  From my experience there is a hunger on the part of Catholic Artists to meet others and share in the cooperative work of developing art for a community of faithful people.  There are many forms of Catholic art from sacramental to liturgical.  Sacred art is part of the New Evangelization and is a vehicle, much like Lectio Divina, that calls people to Christ.  Dr. Jem Sullivan has written a booklet about Sacred Art and the New Evangelization through the Knights of Columbus.  I would like to share that booklet in PDF form as it was to be part of the materials shared at the conference.

I will keep up this blog and the directory of Catholic artists.  I will continue to promote Catholic Art and in fact I will get back to my own art, painting the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.


CoverMystic Chapel (Press Release)

Our first album, Martyrs Prayers, asked the question, “What would you die for?” It was our small attempt of speaking musically to the issue of “cheap grace” as defined by one martyr in particular, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. From Ignatius of Antioch to Oscar Romero we considered those who had given their lives for the faith.

Our second album, Mystic Chapel, asks another question, “What if we still believed?”. We came to faith in a time when something was happening. It wasn’t programmed, it wasn’t planned, but it was real. The theology was not deep or profound and there was much that we needed to learn, but we believed, and that belief was translated into a movement that changed the Church, changed the style and substance of ministry, changed worship and changed music. It was a time when it seemed nothing was impossible.

As Martyrs Prayers garnered numerous favorable reviews and attracted a good deal of attention across an amazingly wide spectrum of both faith-based and secular media, we began connecting with all sorts of people from “back in the day”.   Some were old friends, others were simply people with similar experiences. Some had remained active in varied faith communities, while others had no apparent affiliation whatsoever. Still others retained a deep faith, but were simply “done” with the Church - too many scandals, fund drives, intolerance, traditional/contemporary arguments, and all the rest. As we worked on music and design with numerous talented friends, artists and musicians of a younger generation, we saw the same phenomena - some involved in a faith community, some with no affiliation and some, while retaining a very real faith, had simply given up on finding a community that expressed that faith.

So, a lifetime later, we ask the question, “What if we still believed?” While we may not have known it at the time, the power of our belief was, essentially, the incarnation of the kerygmatic theology of the mid-twentieth century.   We encountered the “proclaimed word”, the kerygma, and by that word, encountered Christ and his saving work both in history and in the present moment. It was an encounter that changed lives... changed us... changed so many... but where are they now?

We offer this album, Mystic Chapel, as a “love letter” of sorts.   We’re sending it out to the faithful, to the “nones”, to the “dones” and to all those in between. There’s no promo, no hype, just a journey, offered in music and story.   We recognize, however, that this is but our journey.   Travel with us, but find a journey to make your own, for the Mystic Chapel is not a place that you can find on a map, it is an encounter that takes place in the soul. It is an encounter that may, for each of us, bring an answer to the question, “What if we still believed?”.


MICHAEL GLEN BELL Bell has been known to say, “If it isn’t creative, I’m not interested”. Born in northwest Iowa, music has always been a part of Bell’s life. The son of a professional musician and band leader, Michael first played trumpet before turning to the guitar in his early teens and playing with numerous local bands. Leaving Iowa at the age of 18, he moved to Ohio to become part of a faith community and, eventually, became the prime mover in a community of Christian musicians who played across the American Midwest and Canada. During this time, Bell shared the stage with musicians as diverse as Larry Norman, John Michael Talbot, Paul Clark and the Jessy Dixon Singers.
Returning to Iowa in his late twenties, Bell earned his undergraduate and seminary degrees while concurrently serving as a youth minister in numerous churches. For several years he was on staff in campus ministry at the University of Iowa. Involved with the visual arts as well as composition and performance, Bell settled in Indiana to work on musical projects with his long time friend, Duane Arnold.
A guitarist from the “school” of Michael Hedges and David Crosby, Bell has become known through the years as more than simply a singer/songwriter. A deep contemplative note is always present in Bell’s concert appearances, combined with a keen cultural awareness that draws from his love of theology and history.
DUANE W.H. ARNOLD Arnold has often said, “I’ve been able to live several lives in one”. Born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Arnold spent his childhood and teenage years outside of Cleveland, Ohio. In his mid-teens he left home and roamed Canada and the United States, eventually joining a Christian commune in Oregon. Returning to the mid-west at the age of 20, he embarked on a path of higher education. In all, he has earned seven degrees and diplomas, including a PhD in church history. In the course of his career, Arnold has held numerous academic positions both in the United State and abroad.
As a writer, Arnold has authored nine books and numerous articles for scholarly journals. Certain of his works in the study of church history have become standard references in their field. His volume, Prayers of the Martyrs, has been translated into nine languages.
Although he was first a pastor among evangelicals, Arnold became a priest in the Anglican Communion in 1987. As pastor and priest, he has served churches and educational institutions from the American Midwest to New York City to Northern England. Arnold’s involvement with music dates from the earliest days of Contemporary Christian Music, promoting numerous Solid Rock artists, organizing concerts in the midwest and managing solo artists and groups from within his own faith community. His friendship with Michael Glen Bell stretches over three decades. Together, they were recently received into the Roman Catholic Church.

The Project is the joint musical endeavor of Michael Glen Bell and Duane W.H. Arnold. Their first album, Martyrs Prayers, was released to great critical acclaim and utilized the gifts of guest artists such as Phil Keaggy, Jennifer Knapp, Randy Stonehill, Glenn Kaiser, The McCrary Sisters and numerous others. A single from the album, “Romero”, became the unofficial anthem for the beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero in 2015. Their current album, Mystic Chapel, was released in December 2015. For more information go to


CD available for purchase at:


Please join Anthony Visco on Saturday evening, January 30th, 2016 at 7:00 pm at the international Institute for Culture, Ivy Hall, Philadelphia where he will be lecturing on
"Image and Likeness:The Body of Christ in Art and Architecture".
As the inaugural presentation in this series Mr. Anthony Visco will discuss the sign and symbol of the human form, what is "image and likeness" in sacred art and architecture, and how they function within our liturgy to bring us closer to a Eucharistic center.

Our Lady, Morning Star by Suzanne Kent Debold
Our Lady, Morning Star by Suzanne Kent Debold

The life size icon was commissioned by Dr. Clint Leonard and his wife Kathryn for Morning Star Obstetrics and Gynecology in Gilbert, Arizona. It was painted by Catholic Artist Suzanne Kent Debold. The icon was prayerfully painted for the clinic which is faithful to the magisterium.

To me, this is a perfect example of Sacred Art which is good, true and beautiful; it calls the viewer to prayer. The Leonards have many artworks in their clinic and sets a beautiful example of prayer inspired by Catholic Art for clinicians and patrons.

The theme of our Catholic Artists Conference on September 12-14, 2016 at St. Benedict Center in Schuyler, Nebraska is prayer. How does the conversation between the artist and God translate into a canvas and call the viewer to prayer. This is the goal of Sacred Art. Our conference features well known professional speakers in five areas of Catholic Art: fine art, sculpture, architecture, music and film. More at








Invention and Exaltation, by Daniel Mitsui
Invention and Exaltation, by Daniel Mitsui



This is a lecture given by artist Daniel Mitsui on 14 September 2015, to open an exhibit of his artwork at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

detail of Synagoga looking to Ecclesia, clay version by Joshua Koffman
detail of Synagoga looking to Ecclesia, clay version by Joshua Koffman

On his last day in the United States Pope Francis stopped at St Joseph's University to see a completed statue by Philadelphia artist Joshua Koffman. The statue depicts Jewish and Christian cultures sharing their scriptures. See this St. Joseph's website for history of Synagoga and Ecclesia and the development of the statue:

Seed of a New World film
Seed of a New World film

I would like to share with you a Kickstarter campaign that a couple of the young men in the Schoenstatt Movement of Austin are running to fund their film project documenting the 100th anniversary of Schoenstatt's founding. This film that Alex Quintana and Mark Leatherman are working on has the potential to be a powerful tool for engaging the culture with a new vision and life that is founded in the Schoenstatt Marian spirituality through a professional and spiritual sensitivity to the visual and audio arts. The links to the trailer and the Kickstarter campaign video are at the bottom of this email. The link to the Kickstarter campaign also has detailed information about the project that elaborates on what the project is about.

I invite you to prayerfully consider contributing to this creative project through your prayers and through your financial support. They are so very close to their goal of $37,000 with only four days left to raise these funds. In case you are not aware, Kickstarter is a way for people to fund their projects (virtually any project) via electronic donations. No funds will be given toward the project if the goal is not made (this is how Kickstarter works...), so whatever you can give through your prayers and financial support will be greatly helpful in making this film a reality!

Cedric Charleuf - Crucifixion
Cedric Charleuf - Crucifixion

Don't forget to browse the FINE ART gallery at There are many fine works by Catholic Artists. If you find something you like and you want to contact the artist, then write down the name and image title and search the DIRECTORY. The artists each have a listing in the DIRECTORY page at You can search for their last name using CTRL F at the top or the search box at the very bottom of the DIRECTORY page. Each artist has a telephone number or website address so you can contact them or see more of their work.

The painting of the crucifixion above is by French artist from Britain who just joined the DIRECTORY. His name is Cedric Charleuf and here is his bio: I am a religious painter based in Lancashire, England. I am French and spent many years training in Paris. My interest in Religous Art was sparked when I began to look for meaning in what I was painting. Through developing my faith and biblical knowledge I have created many works, which have brought me closer to God and my understanding of the bible. I enjoy painting for the church and would love to bring more beauty back into our churches. I am available for commissions. Cedric can be contacted through his website,

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Search for Catholic Artists
Search for Catholic Artists

Here's exactly what I hoped for: a search in Google for 'Catholic Artists' would produce a first page result including or It's in the name but that's not enough. It happened with the conference, the Faces of Christ planned tour events, and their respective websites. See Facebook had a lot to do with it too. All those websites referring back to has pushed this page to the number two position on page one - the only listing higher is Wikipedia. Try the search in Yahoo!? is there on page one! Try the search in Bing? Same result. So why is this important?

If you are a Catholic Artist in fine art, sculpture, architecture, music or film, then you want a listing on in order to be easily found by a search among your peers in the DIRECTORY at Incidentally, the DIRECTORY is where people go while on this site, in addition to the galleries. FINE ART is the most popular gallery because it is the most populated with images. So all you sculptors, architects, musicians, and film producers can ride in on the coat tails of fine artists - and get found at

UPDATE: The conference is getting the detail part of planning done but promotion is very important too, as are donations to make this all possible. I need your help. Artists, please sign up at the JOIN tab. If you have videos or images of your work then send those to me. I am happy to promote any Catholic Artist. We are looking for the best for the conference which is open now for professionals to register at If you just want to browse and donate, you can find the DONATE button on any one of the links above. Thank you.

God Bless,

Sacred Architecture Journal
Maria Hubbard Stained Glass

I just received my copy of "Sacred Architecture" by Journal of the Instititue for Sacred Architecture. It is a quarterly periodical by editor, Duncan Stroik and others at The cover is a photo of Tramezso at the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice by Prof. Richard T. Mortel, Riyadh. The back cover is an ad by Rohn & Associates for whom Maria Hubbard works. Maria's work is shown above. I bring this up because both are in and Duncan Stroik is a scheduled speaker at the Catholic Artists Conference at St. Benedict Center in Schuyler, NE from Sept 12-14, 2016. If you are a professional Catholic artist then you will want to attend this conference. See The conference will debut the Faces of Christ Collection from Europe. See Our theme is prayer - how is our conversation with God as an artist manifested in our work for the sake of evangelization? Artists have much responsibility when it comes to the faithful. We would like to share ideas between fine artists, sculptors, architects, film producers, and musicians. The "Sacred Architecture" journal does this in print form. Come to the conference to experience the same in person!

We are now taking donations to support the Faces of Christ Collection exhibit. You can donate at God Bless.


I received a box full of Soapstone carvings from Fred Anchao of Kisii, Kenya today.  The art is made by him and the villagers of Kisii.  Soapstone is hard but soft enough to carve into these wonderful creations.  Fred's family is Catholic.  The money raised from the sale of art goes to support the village and especially the education of their children.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of these unique pieces of art.  Other pieces can be custom made through commission and shipped directly to you.  God Bless.

vase ornaments Jesus Holy Vase heart box Soapstone art from Kisii, Kenya by Fred Anchao

Soapstone Art from Kenya by Fred  Anchao

White Soapstone art from Kenya
White Soapstone art from Kenya

I have purchased a beautiful white soapstone vase from Fred Anchao.  He is raising funds for his village of Kisii, Kenya who needs 8000 USD for a shade project.  The Spring is here and the Summer is coming; imagine the Summer in Kenya... The shade project will supply rooftops for people while they are working.  The village of Kisii, Kenya makes soapstone carvings to support themselves and children in the village. Friends of East Africa and Taback, help by selling the village art to raise money for schools fair treatment of children, especially girls.  Kisii Facts here:

Please help support Kisii villagers by purchasing Catholic art from Fred Anchao.  He can be found on Facebook at  He can communicate directly with you by Messenger and take payment by PayPal or Western Union.  His work is shown in the sculpture gallery of this website

Fred and his village of Kisii, Kenya also have three sets of the Stations of the Cross.  These are a unique masterpiece that could be purchased for a Catholic Church.  See them in this website at


Holy Vase by Fred Anchao of Kisumu, Kenya
Holy Vase by Fred Anchao of Kisumu, Kenya

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Holy Vase by Kenyan Catholic Artist
Holy Vase by Kenyan Catholic Artist


Kisii, Kenya is a village in Kenya, Africa outside of Kisumu  on the shore of Lake Victoria,+Kenya/@-0.3073256,34.7606392,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x182b3becb25f4161:0x44516a90c78b2db1

In this village is a group of people who carve from white and red soapstone, a rock harder than chalk but softer than granite. FEA USA is an organization who helps people resolve the disparity of equal rights for girls and women in third world countries by developing "opportunities for innovative and effective changes in their lives and and by creating capacity and promoting economic development in their communities."

Fred Anchao is a Christian Artist in Kisii, Kenya.  I found him on Facebook in my search for Catholic Artists  He has done many carvings of soapstone in the images of Mary, our mother as well as crosses and other religious devotionals.

I bought the above pictured fluted vase today from Fred Anchoa through for only 275 USA by Paypal (and that includes the overseas shipping).  I look forward to receiving the vase but more importantly, I hope that my wife and I can support children in the village of Kisii.  The proceeds of the vase will go to support education and medication for our Christian brothers and sisters in Africa.  Please look for Fred Anchoa on Facebook. God Bless.

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CAS Mass for Artists

The Catholic Artists Society will host their annual Mass for Artists at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City at 3:30 pm on May 10, 2015.  Dino Marcantonio, president of Catholic Artists Society, has told me that the Mass is open to anyone.  Although I can't be there, I can pray with those praying for artists, their families and loved ones, passed and present.

The Catholic Artists Society was initiated in response to Pope Benedict XVI’s Address to Artists at the Sistine Chapel in November, 2009. Following the Holy Father’s call for artists to be “custodians of Beauty” and “heralds and witnesses of Hope for humanity” the society seeks to encourage the ongoing artistic and spiritual development of artists and media professionals, so that their work may more perfectly reflect God’s glory, enriching and ennobling men and women, our society and our culture.   Their addresses:



Gisele Bauche sees art and spirituality as walking hand and hand. She sees the creative process primarily as a spiritual dialogue with God and the world around her. Using bold colours, simplicity of style, form and shape in acrylic, egg tempra and metallic, her works elicits and reflect movement, inspiration and beauty, Through her paintings Gisele seeks to reveal the richness of scripture and the Christian tradition and to nurture and enrich the way people look at the world. Father Ron Rolheiser, OMI write's in the forward of Gisele's book, Giving Glory to God: An Artist Reflection, "Some of us write our theology on paper Gisele writes hers on church walls, on large canvases and on icons. Gisele does not use a word processor or a pen, but a paint brush and a canvas. But her goal is the same: to imprint God's word into the human soul".

This is exactly what our Catholic Artists Conference on September 12-14, 2016 at St Benedict Center hopes to examine. The conversation with God in prayer before and during the creative process is what yields Sacred Art. The manifestation of that conversation is documented on canvas for the viewer and draws the viewer to prayer. Thus, the artist and the art are part of a connecting thread between God and the viewer (or listener in the case of Sacred Music).

Gisele has several works in this Fine Art Gallery at and her bio and contact info is in this Catholic Artists Directory at  You can see more of Gisele's work on Pinterest or at her website

Holy Ascension Orthodox Catholic Church in Charleston, SC
Holy Ascension Orthodox Catholic Church in Charleston, SC
Holy Ascension is a parish of the Orthodox Church in America in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.
On Saturday, May 23, 2015, they will host Living Tradition: Painting Sacred Icons in the 21st Century.
Where: Holy Ascension Orthodox Church
265 North Shelmore Boulevard
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Information: Andrew Gould
tel.: 215.650.6982

Living Tradition