‘Catholic Artists’ Rising to the Top

Search for Catholic Artists
Search for Catholic Artists
Here's exactly what I hoped for: a search in Google for 'Catholic Artists' would produce a first page result including www.Catholic-Artists.org or www.Catholic-Artists-Conference.com. It's in the name but that's not enough. It happened with the conference, the Faces of Christ planned tour events, and their respective websites. See www.Faces-of-Christ.com Facebook had a lot to do with it too. All those websites referring back to www.Catholic-Artists.org has pushed this page to the number two position on page one - the only listing higher is Wikipedia. Try the search in Yahoo!? www.Catholic-Artists-Conference.com is there on page one! Try the search in Bing? Same result. So why is this important? If you are a Catholic Artist in fine art, sculpture, architecture, music or film, then you want a listing on www.Catholic-Artists.org in order to be easily found by a search among your peers in the DIRECTORY at www.Catholic-Artists.org. Incidentally, the DIRECTORY is where people go while on this site, in addition to the galleries. FINE ART is the most popular gallery because it is the most populated with images. So all you sculptors, architects, musicians, and film producers can ride in on the coat tails of fine artists - and get found at www.Catholic-Artists.org. UPDATE: The conference is getting the detail part of planning done but promotion is very important too, as are donations to make this all possible. I need your help. Artists, please sign up at the JOIN tab. If you have videos or images of your work then send those to me. I am happy to promote any Catholic Artist. We are looking for the best for the conference which is open now for professionals to register at www.Catholic-Artists-Conference.com. If you just want to browse and donate, you can find the DONATE button on any one of the links above. Thank you. God Bless, John

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  1. My art work is in many media , from drawings, pen&ink, watercolour, acrylics and other media. My work has been purchase by many–works are in churches and many place around the world. I would love to make more Catholic subject works. Thank you Edward buendia


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