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  1. Joobum Son

    I really love Kim's works. When I see Jesus at his drawings, I feel Jesus' love and kindness so deeply. So I admire him because I can read his deep thoughts about the bible. - Methodist pastor in Korea. Joobum Son -

  2. Matt Stemen

    Any way I could buy any paintings from Yongsun Kim? I am really captivated by the painting "Calling" where Jesus is reaching into the water. It really draws me into worship. Is it at all possible to order it anywhere?

    1. Post author

      Re: Yongsung Kim Giclee Print

      John Meng-Frecker
      Sun 6/28/2015 12:09 PM
      Sent Items
      David Sunfellow ;
      Hi David,

      Yongsung Kim does not speak English so there is a complication in communicating. He has told me though, that you can purchase his prints at http://www.goodsalt.com


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