Thank you for visiting  The idea here is to create a directory for Catholic artists including fine art, sculpture, architecture, music and film.  In the same directory will be space for patrons of Catholic Arts.  The WordPress and Gallery capabilities of this site will enable sharing of multi-media arts, discussions, events, collaboration and business networking.  This idea builds an audience of Catholic artists and patrons. In addition, we are planning a Catholic Arts Conference at St. Benedict Center outside Omaha, Nebraska on September 12-14, 2016.  Our conference will bring together professional artists who participate in Catholic arts (concerts, films, churches, liturgical and religious art).  Our conference is centered on prayer because we feel that creating Catholic art involves an ongoing conversation with God.  People connect to God through Sacred art and God is the ultimate artist creating beauty in people and our environment on earth. Please enter your contact information.  Your records will feed into where all can explore Catholic works of art that are good, true and beautiful.  God Bless you.

There is no fee now, nor will there be a fee in the future, to be included in this artists directory.  Your email address will not be shared with anyone.  Except for your email address, the information you provide in the above form will be shared on artist directory.  You may be contacted by John Meng-Frecker by email for announcement of events, news, and business.  By entering data into the form you agree to share information provided.  

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  1. I am the mother of 8 children and wife to my husband Chip. We live at the beach in New Jersey. Some of you own my prints from several years ago. They are all across the country which is so cool. My most popular print 'Escort To God' traveled 18 months across the country with the Foundation for the Sacred Arts back in 2005. I have gotten many emails from mothers who have lost infants ever since telling me how the image has helped them heal. It was an honor to paint her and watch how the painting took on its own life....

  2. Justin Deister

    I tried to register but don't know if I was successful because the screen went blank instead of giving me confirmation.

  3. sugiri willim

    Hi , I'm Sugiri Willim , Jakarta - Indonesia Based Artist .
    Very intrested to joint this comunity . Please kindly advise how can I became a member.

    best regards

  4. What a blessing to find this site! I will spend much time here, I am certain!
    Thanks to 90.5 Catholic Radio of Acadiana for its interview with Amber rose Courville who spoke today about her inspiration and her art. It was through this interview that I learned of this site. I hope that my music will be accepted as a contribution to our evangelization through the talents of God's people!

  5. Stefan Salinas

    Stefan Salinas here. I'm listed on this site - Thank you! Can you please remove my phone number. Thank you.


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