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  1. I am a sculptress and wish to be in your registry. Fr. Francois Beyrouti from Holy Cross Melkite Catholic Church in Placentia, CA referred me to your website.
    If you would like to my sculpture, please visit my website.

  2. Gordon Warden

    I am looking for the name of a 1960's Catholic Artist that carved the Sacred Heart of Jesus. His Initials are BJF and the carving (3 x 4 feet) surrounded by carvings of the Apostles was done in 1965. Very unique and 1 of a kind. There is nothing like this on the Internet. I can send you a picture

  3. Louise Baldrey

    Hello, I am writing to you on behalf of a friend of mine who is looking for 2 separate statues (the Virgin Mary and the Angel Gabriel) to form the Annunciation around the high altar of an Anglican Church in Keysoe, Bedfordshire. The statues would have to be made of plaster, resin, wood or reconstructed stone and be plain in appearance. They would have to be between 2ft6-3ft high and preferably the Angel Gabriel in a kneeling position. They will stand on 2 platforms coming out of the wall. One of the platforms is a fair amount wider than the other hence the Angel kneeling. The budget for this is not high (£200 per statue) but Ii think the customer might negotiate if necessary. I look forward to hearing your reply and any advice or suggestions you may give. Kind regards, Louise Baldrey on behalf of Derek Ruff, Wilden, Bedfordshire


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