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Fifth Joyful Mystery - Nativity
Fifth Joyful Mystery - Nativity of our Lord
www.Catholic-Artists.org is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CatholicArtistsOrg We have started a Facebook page for Catholic Artists. A bit of an experiment, this was set up as a Facebook page with many editors.  This way many Catholic Artists in the core group can post their works of art and projects in process.  We will also share events that others and each other are promoting. Please go to the link above and Like the page to receive updates. Also, if you have been following the Catholic Artists Conference (and subsequent cancellation), we are working on a new venue at a new time with better stability.  Stay tuned!  

ad for John_light blue We’re working on a Catholic Artists Conference for October 2016 in Nebraska. The exact date or location aren’t set yet but we’re closing in on our second (more reasonable) prospect. I conducted a survey some time ago and costs for artists were among the chief factors; so we're keeping the costs down by choosing a less expensive venue. We may have an international collection debut to work into our conference which needs considerable hanging space. We want to include the five different areas of art because they depend upon each other to some degree but also work to bring people to the Catholic Faith. The new evangelization could be a part of what is discussed at the conference. Another important element will be prayer and that creative experience for the artist. Getting these artists together will create some interesting conversations. Having some committed patrons and clergy there will help reinforce the goal of creating sacred art – that which brings one to prayer. I would encourage you to “Enter your information” at http://Catholic-Artists.COM so we and others can find you. I will take the listing and post it in the directory http://Catholic-Artists.ORG which also contains a five galleries, one for each of the artist categories. I will ask for images / drawings / recordings of your works to show in the gallery once you register. God Bless, JohnM