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Dear Artists, The cancellation of the Catholic Artists Conference haunts me.  This is something I feel is needed very strongly and I don't want to quit.  Many of you have emailed me directly and as a group to inquire about the possibilities of something in the future.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I do think there is a market for regional Catholic artists retreats and perhaps a national Catholic artists conference.  In attempting the Catholic Artists Conference I found out several important facts: (1) Catholic Artists are hard to find but come from all over the country, (2) Catholic artists are passionate about what they do (3) Catholic artists want to meet with other Catholic artists, (4) Price is important but not a deal breaker for the right event, (5) prayer is a central theme, (6) a workshop/retreat is a favorite format, (7) there are many amateur artists who want to learn from professional artists, and (8) artists can be their own anchor event. I've started a FB page for Catholic Artists.  I decided to use a page rather than a group to make it easier for new people to find the page.  With a page we can share our work for others to find when searching for Catholic Artists.  More than one editor is allowed.  I already had 595 likes from promotional posts under the old Fall 2016 Catholic Arts Conference page and I will try to recover what I can from that work.  When we do have a local, regional or national event planned, it will be easier to find through a page rather than a group. https://www.facebook.com/CatholicArtistsOrg/ I'm so sorry the Catholic Artists Conference was cancelled. It was my fault for connecting it to a large painting exhibit that I couldn't afford. Fund raising is hard to do. In hindsight, future events have to be independently self supportive.  That is not that hard to do, and by breaking them down into regional workshop/retreats the transportation expenses are easier for artists to manage.  The fee for the speaker(s) need to be shared by the artists attending.  There are upfront costs to establishing a workshop/retreat and even more for a conference.  Some financial backing is needed for those up front costs but should come back to the sponsor if done right (this is key to the organizer and introduces risk). Your suggestions are greatly welcome.  Blessed Fra Angelico pray for us. John