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I received a box full of Soapstone carvings from Fred Anchao of Kisii, Kenya today.  The art is made by him and the villagers of Kisii.  Soapstone is hard but soft enough to carve into these wonderful creations.  Fred's family is Catholic.  The money raised from the sale of art goes to support the village and especially the education of their children.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of these unique pieces of art.  Other pieces can be custom made through commission and shipped directly to you.  God Bless. vase ornaments Jesus Holy Vase heart box Soapstone art from Kisii, Kenya by Fred Anchao Soapstone Art from Kenya by Fred  Anchao

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Holy Vase by Kenyan Catholic Artist
Holy Vase by Kenyan Catholic Artist
  Kisii, Kenya is a village in Kenya, Africa outside of Kisumu  on the shore of Lake Victoria https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kisii,+Kenya/@-0.3073256,34.7606392,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x182b3becb25f4161:0x44516a90c78b2db1 In this village is a group of people who carve from white and red soapstone, a rock harder than chalk but softer than granite. FEA USA is an organization http://feausa.org/our-strategy.html who helps people resolve the disparity of equal rights for girls and women in third world countries by developing "opportunities for innovative and effective changes in their lives and and by creating capacity and promoting economic development in their communities." Fred Anchao is a Christian Artist in Kisii, Kenya.  I found him on Facebook in my search for Catholic Artists https://www.facebook.com/fred.anchao.  He has done many carvings of soapstone in the images of Mary, our mother as well as crosses and other religious devotionals. I bought the above pictured fluted vase today from Fred Anchoa through www.feausa.org for only 275 USA by Paypal (and that includes the overseas shipping).  I look forward to receiving the vase but more importantly, I hope that my wife and I can support children in the village of Kisii.  The proceeds of the vase will go to support education and medication for our Christian brothers and sisters in Africa.  Please look for Fred Anchoa on Facebook. God Bless.