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Cedric Charleuf - Crucifixion
Cedric Charleuf - Crucifixion
Don't forget to browse the FINE ART gallery at There are many fine works by Catholic Artists. If you find something you like and you want to contact the artist, then write down the name and image title and search the DIRECTORY. The artists each have a listing in the DIRECTORY page at You can search for their last name using CTRL F at the top or the search box at the very bottom of the DIRECTORY page. Each artist has a telephone number or website address so you can contact them or see more of their work. The painting of the crucifixion above is by French artist from Britain who just joined the DIRECTORY. His name is Cedric Charleuf and here is his bio: I am a religious painter based in Lancashire, England. I am French and spent many years training in Paris. My interest in Religous Art was sparked when I began to look for meaning in what I was painting. Through developing my faith and biblical knowledge I have created many works, which have brought me closer to God and my understanding of the bible. I enjoy painting for the church and would love to bring more beauty back into our churches. I am available for commissions. Cedric can be contacted through his website,

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